The Best Affordable Cintiq Alternatives

With its unrivaled quality and responsiveness and stunning design, the Wacom Cintiq is every digital artist’s dream tablet. But with its hefty price tag, getting one might be too much of an investment specially to those artists who are on a tight budget.

If only there is a way to taste the Cintiq experience without breaking the bank? Fortunately, there is!

The Best Budget Friendly Cintiq Alternatives in The Market

The good news is, there are several manufacturers who have successfully replicated the Cintiq’s superior features and functionalities and successfully incorporated it in their own graphic tablet designs.

And the best part is, they are selling it for cheap! With these alternatives, you will surely know how it feels like to have a Wacom Cintiq in your hands without worrying about the price.

Huion H610PRO Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet

The Huion H610PRO Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet offers digital artists a 10 X 6.25 inch drawing area with a superb 2048 of pressure sensitivity. With its state-of-the art screen technology, the alteration of lines from thick to thin is accomplished in a single fluid motion. 16 hotkeys, eight customizable side buttons, and customized shortcuts help the digital artist and designer blitz through any task with ease.


Ugee 1910B Digital Pen Tablet Display Drawing Monitor

The Ugee 1910B comes with a generous 19 inch Led drawing monitor with a high 1440x 900 resolution and 2048 levels pressure
sensitivity that provides users with an unbelievable drawing experience. The tablet has a battery-free pen that can serve as a pen and an eraser with just a single click of the button. It’s versatile stand allows the user to adjust the angle as he desires. The package also includes a drawing glove, screen protector, two rechargeable pen, and pen charging cable.


Lenovo ThinkVision LT1423p LCD Touchscreen Monitor

The Lenovo ThinkVisionLenovo ThinkVision LT1423p is the Best Cintiq Alternative mobile touch monitor that carries a thin, portable design with USB interface for both video and power. With a powerful 1600 x 900 resolution, top-of-the -line High-Performance In-Panel Switching, Windows 8 certified 10 point touch input and Thinkpad Digitizer pen, a comfortable and convenient drawing experience is guaranteed.


The best thing about these alternatives is that they carry almost all of the great features and functionalities of the Cintiq minus the hefty price. With these great alternatives, having that exclusive Cintiq experience in your finger tips will no longer cost you a lot. Check out our full buying guide for more information

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