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Huion H610 Pro Review

The Huion H610 Pro is a popular graphics tablet built by a prominent animation company in China.

The device provides users with an ample 6 X10 drawing surface and advance functionalities that can easily rival those offered by high-end models in the market like the Intuos Pro while maintaining a budget friendly price tag that is even cheaper than the cost-effective Wacom Intuos series.

Eye Popping Price for a Decent Graphics Tablet

The first thing that you will be amazed about the Huion H610 is its very low cost price. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that because it is cheap its automatically low quality. A big reason for its low price is because it is manufactured in China – a country where producing electronic gadgets is generally low cost.

It also has about 90-95% of the features that make the Wacom series great for a third of the price.

The Huion H610 is also just one of the many cost-effective products that its manufacturer offers. There are also larger, smaller, cheaper, touch screen, and even tracing boards for the determined artist. The company truly has everything and anything to cater the different needs of different artists.

A Great Cost Effective Alternative for Wacom

Wacom is probably unrivaled when it comes to offering users with a flawless driver interface, exceptional pen design, and overall construction. It’s the ideal tool for most digital artists today but not for those who are working on a tight budget.

Wacom maybe the best graphics tablet in the market but it’s expensive and if you are looking for a smaller and cheaper digital art board to accompany you in your travels, look no further than the Huion H610 Pro – this is most likely the solution for you.

For people who are conducting workshops and seminars and do not share a partnership with Wacom, the H610 proc could also be a great solution to get a tablet for every participant. For 25-50$, you can get a tablet that has all the important features needed by a digital artist.


Some Important Things to Consider

The only major drawback that you can find in the Huion H610 is that its performance relies heavily in the kind of drawing application that you integrate. Wacom Intuos normally work without issues with majority of drawing applications but you can’t say the same for the H610.

For Photoshop, however, the tablet works just perfectly fine but for other software you might want to do some research first. Aside from compatibility issues with other software, the graphics tablet is simply great.

What Is The Best iPad Stylus for Drawing

If you are using an iPad for your digital artworks, you might be thrilled to hear that there is almost an endless array of drawing and sketching applications and software that you can use to cater your digital artistry needs. But to create that exceptional masterpiece, the majority of digital artists would agree that using a stylus is crucial.

And as the stylus continues to evolve in design and functionality, creating that digital artwork that you have always envisioned with your iPad is no longer a far-fetched dream.

The Search for The Best Stylus for Your Ipad

But looking for the ideal stylus for you iPad can be a frustrating ordeal. The market is teeming with different stylus brands and designs that promise to deliver the best results and it can be easy to become lost in the myriad of options.

You don’t have to purchase and try each brand to determine which is one is the best, however, as this review will save you from all that trouble. Here are some of the important things that you need to consider when choosing the ideal stylus:

Pressure sensitivity

This criterion is very important for every artist. Normally the higher the sensitivity and the better the technology incorporated in it, the more comfortable and natural it is for you to create your drawings. Be sure to purchase one that offers the best in this criteria if you want to succeed in your artworks.

Programmable Buttons

If you want to save a lot of time and energy in your digital art endeavors, then purchasing a stylus with programmable buttons will help you a lot. It will help you perform tedious activities like undoing errors with a simple click of a button.

Hand feels

Nothing beats having a comfortable stylus in your hands that naturally complements your drawing strokes and movements. This might be difficult to achieve since every person has his own unique feel when it comes to a stylus.

But as long as it is comfortable to your hands, doesn’t strain your wrist after prolonged use, and works well with your drawing movements, it should be the right stylus for you.

The Apple Pencil as the Best iPad Stylus for Drawing


Considering pressure sensitivity, programmable buttons, hand feel, and as well as the all important aspect of compatibility, the Apple Pencil is the best iPad stylus for drawing. Today, the pencil is one of the fastest and most responsive stylus in the market, with essentially no latency.

And with the pressure-sensitive screen in the iPad Pro, the Pencil can create amazingly exquisite lines with variations in gradient as you increase pressure.

Overview of Monoprice Tablet

For those who are new to the Monoprice tablet, this gadget has increasingly gained popularity in the graphics tablet market mainly because it carries most of the features that has made the Wacom series the best in its class but for a much more affordable price.

This makes the tablet a great option for students and beginners and those artists who don’t have much to spare as well. If you want to know more about this intriguing product, this review will give you all the important details.

A Beloved Tablet Around the World

A lot of artists, both beginners and professionals, are falling in love with the Monoprice Tablet and you can see it in the numerous 5-star ratings it has garnered in popular product review sites like Amazon. Most of the reviews reveal that the tablet was as equally good as any of the expensive high-end graphics tablets, including the Wacom Intuos.

There are even those who say that the precision it offers is better than that of the Cintiq. And it might not be absurd considering the fact that it has 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, which is currently the highest.


The tablet, however, is far from perfect. Users can encounter driver issues which can be frustrating. The installation process can also be confusing with the instructions not written in clear English.

But with an amazingly meagre price tag that is typically below $100 and features and functionalities comparable to that of Wacom models, it’s no wonder why the Monoprice has become a beloved tablet by many around the world.

Acceptable Drawbacks

Aside from driver issues, the Monoprice also comes with a few setbacks that you won’t find in Wacom models and other high-end brands. For one, it does not have a touch function nor a capacity to sense tilt and rotation.

But while these features can be handy, not all artists use them and only some Wacom pens and tablets have these features making the setbacks acceptable to many users. The tablet isn’t shoddy, but, not surprisingly given its affordable price, it’s not as solidly built as most high-end models in the market.

Superb Performance Makes it an Excellent Option

The Monoprice tablet certainly didn’t garner this much popularity just because it’s cheap. The ultimate highlight of this product lies in its superb performance. There are even digital artists who believe that it is the best tablet in the market today in terms of performance.

The tablet is highly sensitive and responsive to drawing strokes and movements and users you can enjoy extremely fine line control even when zoomed out.

And if you consider the low price in exchange for superb value, the Monoprice is undoubtedly the top option specially for those who are still getting into the digital art world.

Top 5 Wacom Tablet Reviews

Investing on a Wacom model is a wise decision if you want to get a graphics tablet to create digital artworks.

While you can certainly find cheaper alternatives in the market today, nothing comes close to Wacom models when it comes to universal driver support, software installation, precision, and quality.

These and much more are part of the reason why the brand has a dominant 85% share in the market. The question now is, which of the superb Wacom models is the best choice?

There are certainly plenty to choose from and below we will review each model and what it is best for.

Top 5 Wacom Tablets

Wacom Cintiq

This Wacom model is best for artists because of the extra functionality that they provide to the user’s drawing experience such as pen tilt and rotation sensitivity.

The models also provide larger drawing surfaces that are ideal for painting in large strokes.


Wacom Intuos Pro Medium

In terms of superior value for its price, the Wacom Intuos Pro Medium is the ideal choice. It’s versatile and is loaded with tons of features that can serve for different purposes. The only setback is the lack of a screen which you will only find in the Companion or Cintiq series.


Wacom Intuous Draw

If you want the best OSU experience, the Wacom Intuous draw is a perfect choice. It is the most cost-effective option for making a significant upgrade in your OSU game. The model does not come with other functionalities that can add extra costs but only those that are important to increase your score in OSU.


Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Medium

For graphic designers, this model is the best option. It has all the essential software that a professional graphic designer needs and is loaded with features tailored to create exceptional graphic artworks.


Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small

For beginners, they may want to try the smaller version which is a lot cheaper but still has the essential software needed to enhance basic digital art skills. It’s smaller size also makes it very portable and very easy to carry around whether you are in school or in the park sharpening your strokes.



All in all, the Wacom series is the best in the market. It offers users an array of exceptional tablet designs that provide optimum functionality and reliability.

Simply choose the right model that will fit your needs and you are on your way on enjoying the best graphic tablet experience that the world has to offer.

The Best Affordable Cintiq Alternatives

With its unrivaled quality and responsiveness and stunning design, the Wacom Cintiq is every digital artist’s dream tablet. But with its hefty price tag, getting one might be too much of an investment specially to those artists who are on a tight budget.

If only there is a way to taste the Cintiq experience without breaking the bank? Fortunately, there is!

The Best Budget Friendly Cintiq Alternatives in The Market

The good news is, there are several manufacturers who have successfully replicated the Cintiq’s superior features and functionalities and successfully incorporated it in their own graphic tablet designs.

And the best part is, they are selling it for cheap! With these alternatives, you will surely know how it feels like to have a Wacom Cintiq in your hands without worrying about the price.

Huion H610PRO Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet

The Huion H610PRO Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet offers digital artists a 10 X 6.25 inch drawing area with a superb 2048 of pressure sensitivity. With its state-of-the art screen technology, the alteration of lines from thick to thin is accomplished in a single fluid motion. 16 hotkeys, eight customizable side buttons, and customized shortcuts help the digital artist and designer blitz through any task with ease.


Ugee 1910B Digital Pen Tablet Display Drawing Monitor

The Ugee 1910B comes with a generous 19 inch Led drawing monitor with a high 1440x 900 resolution and 2048 levels pressure
sensitivity that provides users with an unbelievable drawing experience. The tablet has a battery-free pen that can serve as a pen and an eraser with just a single click of the button. It’s versatile stand allows the user to adjust the angle as he desires. The package also includes a drawing glove, screen protector, two rechargeable pen, and pen charging cable.


Lenovo ThinkVision LT1423p LCD Touchscreen Monitor

The Lenovo ThinkVisionLenovo ThinkVision LT1423p is the Best Cintiq Alternative mobile touch monitor that carries a thin, portable design with USB interface for both video and power. With a powerful 1600 x 900 resolution, top-of-the -line High-Performance In-Panel Switching, Windows 8 certified 10 point touch input and Thinkpad Digitizer pen, a comfortable and convenient drawing experience is guaranteed.


The best thing about these alternatives is that they carry almost all of the great features and functionalities of the Cintiq minus the hefty price. With these great alternatives, having that exclusive Cintiq experience in your finger tips will no longer cost you a lot. Check out our full buying guide for more information