Huion H610 Pro Review

The Huion H610 Pro is a popular graphics tablet built by a prominent animation company in China.

The device provides users with an ample 6 X10 drawing surface and advance functionalities that can easily rival those offered by high-end models in the market like the Intuos Pro while maintaining a budget friendly price tag that is even cheaper than the cost-effective Wacom Intuos series.

Eye Popping Price for a Decent Graphics Tablet

The first thing that you will be amazed about the Huion H610 is its very low cost price. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that because it is cheap its automatically low quality. A big reason for its low price is because it is manufactured in China – a country where producing electronic gadgets is generally low cost.

It also has about 90-95% of the features that make the Wacom series great for a third of the price.

The Huion H610 is also just one of the many cost-effective products that its manufacturer offers. There are also larger, smaller, cheaper, touch screen, and even tracing boards for the determined artist. The company truly has everything and anything to cater the different needs of different artists.

A Great Cost Effective Alternative for Wacom

Wacom is probably unrivaled when it comes to offering users with a flawless driver interface, exceptional pen design, and overall construction. It’s the ideal tool for most digital artists today but not for those who are working on a tight budget.

Wacom maybe the best graphics tablet in the market but it’s expensive and if you are looking for a smaller and cheaper digital art board to accompany you in your travels, look no further than the Huion H610 Pro – this is most likely the solution for you.

For people who are conducting workshops and seminars and do not share a partnership with Wacom, the H610 proc could also be a great solution to get a tablet for every participant. For 25-50$, you can get a tablet that has all the important features needed by a digital artist.


Some Important Things to Consider

The only major drawback that you can find in the Huion H610 is that its performance relies heavily in the kind of drawing application that you integrate. Wacom Intuos normally work without issues with majority of drawing applications but you can’t say the same for the H610.

For Photoshop, however, the tablet works just perfectly fine but for other software you might want to do some research first. Aside from compatibility issues with other software, the graphics tablet is simply great.

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