What Is The Best iPad Stylus for Drawing

If you are using an iPad for your digital artworks, you might be thrilled to hear that there is almost an endless array of drawing and sketching applications and software that you can use to cater your digital artistry needs. But to create that exceptional masterpiece, the majority of digital artists would agree that using a stylus is crucial.

And as the stylus continues to evolve in design and functionality, creating that digital artwork that you have always envisioned with your iPad is no longer a far-fetched dream.

The Search for The Best Stylus for Your Ipad

But looking for the ideal stylus for you iPad can be a frustrating ordeal. The market is teeming with different stylus brands and designs that promise to deliver the best results and it can be easy to become lost in the myriad of options.

You don’t have to purchase and try each brand to determine which is one is the best, however, as this review will save you from all that trouble. Here are some of the important things that you need to consider when choosing the ideal stylus:

Pressure sensitivity

This criterion is very important for every artist. Normally the higher the sensitivity and the better the technology incorporated in it, the more comfortable and natural it is for you to create your drawings. Be sure to purchase one that offers the best in this criteria if you want to succeed in your artworks.

Programmable Buttons

If you want to save a lot of time and energy in your digital art endeavors, then purchasing a stylus with programmable buttons will help you a lot. It will help you perform tedious activities like undoing errors with a simple click of a button.

Hand feels

Nothing beats having a comfortable stylus in your hands that naturally complements your drawing strokes and movements. This might be difficult to achieve since every person has his own unique feel when it comes to a stylus.

But as long as it is comfortable to your hands, doesn’t strain your wrist after prolonged use, and works well with your drawing movements, it should be the right stylus for you.

The Apple Pencil as the Best iPad Stylus for Drawing


Considering pressure sensitivity, programmable buttons, hand feel, and as well as the all important aspect of compatibility, the Apple Pencil is the best iPad stylus for drawing. Today, the pencil is one of the fastest and most responsive stylus in the market, with essentially no latency.

And with the pressure-sensitive screen in the iPad Pro, the Pencil can create amazingly exquisite lines with variations in gradient as you increase pressure.

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