Overview of Monoprice Tablet

For those who are new to the Monoprice tablet, this gadget has increasingly gained popularity in the graphics tablet market mainly because it carries most of the features that has made the Wacom series the best in its class but for a much more affordable price.

This makes the tablet a great option for students and beginners and those artists who don’t have much to spare as well. If you want to know more about this intriguing product, this review will give you all the important details.

A Beloved Tablet Around the World

A lot of artists, both beginners and professionals, are falling in love with the Monoprice Tablet and you can see it in the numerous 5-star ratings it has garnered in popular product review sites like Amazon. Most of the reviews reveal that the tablet was as equally good as any of the expensive high-end graphics tablets, including the Wacom Intuos.

There are even those who say that the precision it offers is better than that of the Cintiq. And it might not be absurd considering the fact that it has 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, which is currently the highest.


The tablet, however, is far from perfect. Users can encounter driver issues which can be frustrating. The installation process can also be confusing with the instructions not written in clear English.

But with an amazingly meagre price tag that is typically below $100 and features and functionalities comparable to that of Wacom models, it’s no wonder why the Monoprice has become a beloved tablet by many around the world.

Acceptable Drawbacks

Aside from driver issues, the Monoprice also comes with a few setbacks that you won’t find in Wacom models and other high-end brands. For one, it does not have a touch function nor a capacity to sense tilt and rotation.

But while these features can be handy, not all artists use them and only some Wacom pens and tablets have these features making the setbacks acceptable to many users. The tablet isn’t shoddy, but, not surprisingly given its affordable price, it’s not as solidly built as most high-end models in the market.

Superb Performance Makes it an Excellent Option

The Monoprice tablet certainly didn’t garner this much popularity just because it’s cheap. The ultimate highlight of this product lies in its superb performance. There are even digital artists who believe that it is the best tablet in the market today in terms of performance.

The tablet is highly sensitive and responsive to drawing strokes and movements and users you can enjoy extremely fine line control even when zoomed out.

And if you consider the low price in exchange for superb value, the Monoprice is undoubtedly the top option specially for those who are still getting into the digital art world.

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